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Our services for the travel trade include tailormade tours for people from all over the world visiting Oslo and Oslo surroundings. With more than 20 years experience we are happy to help with tour suggestions – either on foot or with transportation on land or at sea.

The details always make the difference and we love to help with new suggestions in and around Oslo. The city is changing fast with all the new and trendy neighbourhoods being built at the moment. Being situated in Oslo we keep updated and are happy to help you with inside tips and new ideas. Showing your guests our amazing city the local way.  

Here are a few important resasons why you should book guides through us:

  • When a booking is confirmed you are always guaranteed a guide
  • With more than 250 Oslo Guides that speak more than 25 languages to choose from, we have an extensive guide pool and can therefore offer guides even on the most difficult days (e.g. days with several cruise ship calls)
  • We have an emergency phone that our clients can call 24/7 in case of last minute changes
  • Oslo Guidebureau only books authorized Oslo Guides. Meaning that all our guides have passed a written, oral and practical exam by the municipality of Oslo
  • If you prefer a certain guide, we do our outmost to book this guide for your tour

Let us bring you and your group closer to Oslo, and make it an unforgettable experience! Contact us today for tour operator prices!

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